Snow Removal

"The Summer Village has arranged for contractors to remove snow piles built up in the village.  Snow clearing and hauling operations will now be occurring January 20th, 21th, and the 22th (Thur thru Sat) weather permitting.  Please ensure you avoid parking near any of the snow piles to ensure they can be removed and to limit the potential for damages to personal property.  

Thank you for your cooperation."


Next Council Meeting is February 15, 2022 @ 6:30 PM  (via Zoom, link avaliable upon request)

Resident Notices

Seba Beach is providing for driveway snow clearing in the 2021/2022 season on a pay per request basis which will be billed to landowners in January and April.  Those who sign up for an annual removal service and rate will be billed in April at the end of the season.   Please contact Susan Stuart to be put on the list or for other details @ 

Variable weather has disrupted standard winter operations for road and drainage management.  We thank you for your patience as we continue to prioritize roads, laneway access, haul accumulated snow and addressing icy road conditions.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact our offices at (780) 797-3863. Once municipal operations address infrastructure needs the Summer Village will resume driveway clearing requests.

As a reminder during this latest wave of Covid, we do have municipal offices open for service, but it is recommended for residents to call first and that January and February Council meetings will be held only online by Zoom meeting.  The Agenda and Link are posted several days prior to each meeting or may be sent to you upon request.

Martino Verhaeghe, B.Sc. CMML, RRP/MCIP

Chief Administrative Officer

Snow Clearing

As identified in the 2021 budget process, spring newsletter and other publications - we no longer provide free clearing of private driveways, but will undertake private driveway clearings once road operations are completed on an as requested basis or those whom sign up for reoccuring clearing.  The fee remains $25/clearing requested, but is now charged to all residents; seniors over 65 will be capped at $150 for the snow season. 

Please email Susan Stuart @ to be added to the list or call at 780.797.3863.  This service is billed twice annually once In January and once at the close of the snow season for 'as requested' clearing requests.





Seba Beach Seniors Centre Updates: November 18 2021

The Thrift Store Wednesday and Saturday 10am - 3pm. 

  • Monday Majong at 1pm, Monday Walking at 6:20pm,
  • Tuesday Quilting Fibre Arts at 11am, and Crib at 1pm,
  • Wednesday Music Jam at 7pm,
  • Thursday Bridge at 1pm.

Email us at 




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