Administrative Notices

No Fireworks Until Further Notice
The Summer Village of Seba Beach is currently under a Fire Restriction, and we would like to advise all residents that until further notice, fireworks are NOT permitted and that all requests for permits will not be considered. Therefore, we are requesting all residents to please avoid setting off fireworks over the holiday season.

Due to the continuing lack of snow cover, and the long-term forecast of warm, dry and windy conditions with no significant precipitation, we also ask all residents to avoid performing any major burning and consider alternatives this year, such as mulching, to lower the risk of spring holdover fires. This type of fire smolders during winter months without smoke or flames until dry grasses emerge and the spring winds fan the embers causing a wildfire. A wildfire can ignite easily and spread quickly under these conditions.

We expect these restrictions to extend into January/February 2024. Safe fires in fire pits are still allowed. Please check the Village website and for updates.

Thank you for your support in lowering our community’s risk of wildfire.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Mooring Disturbance Standard
Mooring structures include: Docks / Piers, Mooring Anchors for Buoys, Boatlifts and Shelters, Swimming Rafts, and Wharves.

  Melissa Chisholm   Forestry and Parks
  Land Management Specialist   111 Twin Atria Building
  Lands Delivery and Coordination South Branch   4999 – 98 Avenue
  Office: 780-643-0636   Edmonton, AB  T6B 2X3  

User Guide For Dock Authorizations - April 2021.pdf
Application For Dock Authorizations - Application Form.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Waterfront and Semi-Waterfront Property Owners - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Shared Docks Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Moorage Allowance Infographic 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Back Lot Property Owners Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Contact List for Dock Authorizations.pdf 


Please Note:
Temporary Field Authorization (TFA) is NOT required for seasonal docks that meet the Disturbance Standard.


Please Update Your Address with the Village

Please Be Advised;
It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the Summer Village of Seba Beach has your current contact and mailing address. Due to a rise in mail being returned to the Summer Village, we ask that you take a moment to contact the Village Office and update your file.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Summer Village of Seba Beach
Phone: 780.797.3863 Fax: 587.305.0103
Mailing Address: Box 190, Seba Beach, Alberta, T0E 2B0

Reduce the Usage of 1st Avenue North

Due to a substantial road breakup, we are asking that all heavy trucks (including water and sewer) reduce the usage of 1st Avenue North, east of Range Road 55A (Lot 851) until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation,
          Summer Village of Seba Beach



Dog Waste

The largest enforcement costs to the Summer Village of Seba Beach are issues related to dogs.
We realize that pets are an important part of any family and we want to extend our sincere thanks to pet owners who are considerate of their neighbors and community! Being a respectful dog owner in Seba Beach means cleaning up after your pets and abiding by the Village’s Dog Bylaw.


Your Feedback Counts!

We would like to sincerely thank all residents that took the time to submit input, in person and in writing, and also joined us at the Public Hearing on April 18, 2023, for Bylaw No. 01-2023 which was to amend Section 23(3) Temporary Living Accommodations in Land Use Bylaw No. 2-2008.  There were 64 people in attendance with another 22 joining the meeting via Zoom. 


Council has taken some time to reflect upon the Public Hearing which is summarized by Mayor MacPhee.

Following the Public Hearing, it is apparent the process worked. To initially begin the process, Council had feedback from residents and directed Administration to come back with a draft Bylaw amendment addressing the parameters that were given. Council and Administration amended the draft to something they thought might work for the community or at least be a start for discussions. A notification was sent to all residents (not just an ad in the local paper) as we wanted feedback from all residents.

We received your feedback and it is appreciated.

If you would like to read Mayor MacPhee’s full address to Seba Beach:
Public Letter from Mayor, Rick McPhee.doc • 4KB

Once again, Council and Administration would like to thank all residents. 


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Village of Seba Beach has completed the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS), located outside the Municipal Building on 140-3rd Street.

These chargers were generously funded by the Alberta Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) and are available for public use.

Special thanks to who championed this project, and to Sustainable Projects Group (SPG) who supported the installation and funding application for the chargers.

2022 Municipal Accountability Program Report
Seba Beach - MAP Report 2022.pdf • 881 KB

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