Seba Beach Policies

Navigable Waters

In keeping with the Navigable Waters Protection Act, Seba Beach has implemented a policy regulating the placement of boat lifts, docks, piers, and other structures. Prior to placement, a letter of approval must be obtained from the municipality to be included in the application submission to Navigable Waters. For further information see Policy (below) and Criteria for Policy (below) or contact Navigable Waters, Formerly the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

Mooring Disturbance Standard
Mooring structures include: Docks / Piers, Mooring Anchors for Buoys, Boatlifts and Shelters, Swimming Rafts, and Wharves.

For more information contact:

  Melissa Chisholm   Forestry and Parks
  Land Management Specialist   111 Twin Atria Building
  Lands Delivery and Coordination South Branch   4999 – 98 Avenue
  Office: 780-643-0636   Edmonton, AB  T6B 2X3  

User Guide For Dock Authorizations - April 2021.pdf
Application For Dock Authorizations - Application Form.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Waterfront and Semi-Waterfront Property Owners - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Shared Docks Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Moorage Allowance Infographic 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Back Lot Property Owners Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Contact List for Dock Authorizations.pdf 


Please Note:
Temporary Field Authorization (TFA) is NOT required for seasonal docks that meet the Disturbance Standard.

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