Fire Smart Canada

Council for the Summer Village of Seba Beach would like to promote the Fire Smart Program to Residents of Seba Beach. 
Please take the time to review the Fire Smart Manual.
Fire Safety is a big part of our life.  Take the time to review the manual and assess your home.

Click the website link: Fire Smart Canada

Alberta Emergency Alert App: To Receive Alerts

 Why is Alberta Emergency Alert important to me?
Alerts received at the right time can help keep you safe during an emergency. With Alberta Emergency Alert, warnings can be sent to your mobile device when you may be in harm's way.

What is an Alberta Emergency Alert message?
Alberta Emergency Alert is an emergency message sent by authorized government alerting authorities through radio, television, social media and your mobile device.

What types of alerts will I receive?
Critical Alerts: Provides necessary information when there is an immediate and life-threatening danger.
Informational Alerts: Provides less urgent emergency information to the public, preparing them for potentially worsening situations. These alerts should be used to protect and prepare the public, their property, their animals and/or the environment from the impacts of a potential emergency.
Test Alerts: System testing in progress

Check out the App here: Emergency Alert Alberta App


EXTREME - Large, erratic-behaving wildfires can start quickly and spread extremely fast. High-intensity, fast-spreading wildfires are very difficult and dangerous to bring under control. NO OUTDOOR BURNING SHOULD TAKE PLACE IN AREAS WITH AN EXTREME FIRE DANGER RATING. Fire restrictions are usually in place.

VERY HIGHWildfires can start easily, spread rapidly, and increase quickly in intensity. A wildfire that starts in dry grass or slash can develop into a high-intensity wildfire very easily. Outdoor burning is not recommended and fire restrictions may be in effect.

HIGH - Wildfires can start easily from most causes and unattended campfires are very likely to escape. Wildfires may become serious and difficult to control if not successfully contained while small. Outdoor burning should be restricted to early morning or late evening.

MODERATE - Wildfires can start from most accidental causes and spread moderately through dry brush and grasses. Ground crews should be able to contain a wildfire with minimal support from heavy equipment and aircraft. Wildfires not suppressed immediately can still become expensive to extinguish later.

LOW - Wildfires do not readily ignite, unless from a more intense heat source like lightning. Weather and fuel conditions lead to low-intensity and relatively easy-to-control fires. However, caution should always be taken with any type of burning.

Fire Station Update

Parkland County indicated it was terminating our joint fire hall agreement in 2018 as it expected to develop a new staffed fire hall in the Wabamun area.  With the completion of this facility, Parkland County will still provide fire protection services to the Summer Village but has withdrawn all fire suppression apparatus from the Seba Beach Station.  Fire response times are expected to improve with the staffed hall in use.  The nearest On-Call Fire Hall is Tomahawk (18km), and the Staffed Fire Hall is in Wabamun (22km).  Reports on responses times are attached for public information below

It is recommended that residents update their insurance to reflect the closure of the Seba Beach Fire Station. Please remember insurance providers may have different ways of evaluating the risk (cost) of this change, but the Summer Village cannot recommend any one provider.  A complete list of licensed insurance companies can be found here:

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