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The Seba Beach Seniors are opening up into busy spring and summer seasons. We’re developing partnerships in order to bring more events and programs to the people in and around Seba Beach. Upcoming events include social activities, exercise, and learning.

One of our events occurs over six months. Called Talking Circles: Towards Truth and Reconciliation, this is a series features Indigenous speakers, leaders and scholars who will offer a way to building understanding between our cultural groups.

Cathie Duchesne, of the Seba Beach Seniors said, “this is a rare opportunity to learn from Indigenous knowledgekeepers. The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Report pointed to how we can move past our history. To do so, it’s important to understand the background to where we are today in Canada, and in our neighbourhood, to see how we can move forward to become stronger together. On five Saturday afternoons the series will explore important topics and conclude each day with refreshments and discussion.”

The five monthly events will be held Saturday afternoons at the Seba Beach Seniors Centre starting in April. On September 30 a Celebration Feast will be held featuring performances, demonstrations, and feast food!

Those interested in joining in can register for one or each of the Talking Circles afternoons and Celebration Feast by registering at the Seba Seniors Thrift Shop Wednesday and Saturdays 10 AM-3 PM or by visiting a special webpage at

Addition to the Talking Circles Events, the Seba Beach Seniors also are planning to bring a series of fitness classes and talks on a variety of subjects. 

All this is made possible by volunteers. We’re volunteer run. It’s an open secret that we have a lot of fun as volunteer-- it isn’t all work. We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer. Drop by and see how we can grow together

Seba Beach Seniors Centre Updates: November 18 2021

The Thrift Store Wednesday and Saturday 10am - 3pm. 

  • Monday Majong at 1pm, Monday Walking at 6:20pm,
  • Tuesday Quilting Fibre Arts at 11am, and Crib at 1pm,
  • Wednesday Music Jam at 7pm,
  • Thursday Bridge at 1pm.

Email us at 

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