Final Notice of Annual General Meeting-Hybrid (In-Person and Virtually)

The Annual General Meeting of the Wabamun Watershed Management Council will be held in-person and virtually (via Zoom) at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. To attend in-person go to the following address:

Seba Beach Seniors Centre
109 1st Street S
Seba Beach, AB 

To Join via Zoom, click the following link:
Meeting ID: 830 3927 8215
If phoning-in (voice only), look for your local telephone number here:

All members are welcome to attend the hybrid meeting. If you are attending in-person, please respect any Covid protocols. If you are attending virtually, you can do so on your computer, tablet, smartphone or telephone.

Wabamun Area Vision Project

Parkland County will give a keynote presentation on the Wabamun Area Vision Project, where they are seeking input to help the county shape a long-range vision for the Wabamun Area.

The AGM will follow the presentation and consist of reports to the membership, including what the council has been doing to keep people informed about the health of the lake and how people can become involved protecting it. 

Wabamun Watershed Management Council (WWMC)

Let’s Keep Wabamun Lake Clean and Clear

WWMC Chair Sue Styles Happy Spring 2022!

The following is a brief synopsis of what the WWMC has been doing over the last few months and an open invitation to get involved.

In the 1st quarter of 2022, the WWMC board has been immersed in work concerning two overarching themes, namely board governance and implementation of the Wabamun Watershed Management Plan (WMP). WWMC board governance efforts include formalizing a 3-year strategic plan, advancing by-law revision, and completing an application to register as a charity.

Current WMP implementation efforts are centered on collaborative initiatives related to the priority WMP focus areas including, but not limited to, planning summer education events on aquatic invasive species, riparian restoration, and advocating for municipal bylaws/policies alignment with protection of the lake and watershed. For a review of the WMP priority focus areas, see ‘page 5 of the WMP’.

Boat Launch Update

Parkland County has informed the WWMC that crews will begin clearing land in the very near future (with accommodation to bird nesting and fish spawning season) for the approved boat launch site on the Wabamun Lake south shore near the Sundance power plant. This will be the beginning of Phase 1 of the project, constructing the new launch. Phase 2 will involve closure or restricting access to the informal launch sites around the lake. These efforts will go a long way to helping protect the lake’s fragile ecosystem while allowing easier access to the lake for most users.More information about the launch can be found on Parkland County’s website (, search for Wabamun Lake Boat Access.

Get Involved to ‘Keep Wabamun Lake Clean and Clear’

Keeping Wabamun Lake “Clean and Clear” requires each one of us to be engaged in the protection of the watershed. There are many aspects, many areas to get involved in. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Importantly, it does not matter where you begin to get involved, just PICK ONE aspect to delve in to, to participate in. The motto of WWMC is ‘Keep Wabamun Lake Clean and Clear’; this is in fact a collective responsibility - Let’s Keep Wabamun Lake Clean and Clear. Now more than ever we must have a strong bold collective voice and action to protect the lake and watershed. Visit for information on the watershed and ideas to get involved. Connect with us to share your involvement in protecting the lake and watershed or your interest in getting involved.

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